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Are the dead in a better place?

Friday, September 30th, 2011

I read that when the Prophet Muhammad (saws) was on the night journey, that when he ascended up to heaven that he saw people in heaven. I have a question, who are those people in heaven that he (saws) saw? When people die do they go straight towards there destination? I mean, when people die alot of people say that ” oh so and so is in a better place right now” So I want to know if people are in heaven and or hell right now and exactly who did the Prophet (saws) see. Thanks!

The Night and Ascension journey (Al-Israa’ wal-Mi`raaj) transported the Prophet (PBUH) to other worlds. The whole trip took less actual time than a door opened closes back! So, laws of our world did not apply to the worlds he visited.

One of these laws is the law of time. It does not work there like it works here. When you ask, “Are dead people in heaven now?”, you’re trying to apply the earthly law of time to heaven. It can’t be. How does it work then? That’s a matter of Al-Ghayb (the Beyond).

To make this a bit easier to understand, reflect on dreams. Have you ever had an elaborate dream that you felt took hours and traveled you vast distances, but in reality you dosed off for a few minutes? The law of time does not apply to dreams either.

The Prophet (PBUH) saw Heaven and Hell and the people who will be in them.

When people die, they transfer to the next stage in their existence: Al-Barzakh (life in the grave). They do not go straight to their final destination. When the Hour is due, the Horn is blown and the Day of Judgment commences, all people will emerge out of their graves and ascend to heaven awaiting judgment. May our loved ones and we be among those whose judgment will be quick and easy and be admitted to Paradise.

Do nightmares foretell of pending punishment?

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

I have nightmares. Is God angry with me and showing me in my dreams His pending punishment?

We know from Chapter 12 that some dreams foretell the future in a mysterious or symbolic way. God does not tell ordinary people if they are going to Paradise or Hell except at the moment of death when the dying person sees his seat there. The only time it happened was when the Prophet (PBUH) told ten Sahaaba (his fellows) that they are going to Paradise. May you, us and our loved ones join them there.

I have become paranoid about this and my depression fuels my confusion, is it just all in my head?

I am worried and scared.

That is Satan scaring you. Expel him and put your faith in God.

If one commits sin, repents but gets weak and repeats the same sin does Allah get annoyed and stop loving you, is there no hope, how many times does Allah forgive before he stops giving you chances. I did this twice in Ramadhan and I am feeling a lot of despair right now and beginning to think all sorts about dreams.

How many times does God accept repentance? As many times as you are alive! God says that He loves the “oft-repenting” (2:222) and one of His beautiful Attributes is At-Tawwaab (The oft Accepting of repentance). God praised David in 38:17, Solomon in 38:30 and JobĀ  in 38:44 that each of them was Awwaab (keeps going back to God).

From Surat Yusuf (Chapter 12), does that mean ordinary people don’t get future telling dreams etc? That’s what I’ve been paranoid about thinking that the scary ones I’ve had may be from future? That’s whats put me in despair, I just hope its all in my head?

No. Ordinary people can get foretelling dreams, e.g., the king of Egypt in the story of Joseph (PBUH), but interpretation of dreams is not a science, it’s a gift from God. You cannot assume your dreams foretell your future. They most likely are random ramblings exasperated by your paranoia.

If you are unable to calm down with Quran recitation, faith, prayer and supplication, then you must consult a doctor. May God grant you His tranquility.

Can you tell me whether it is possible for Jinn/Satan to show you future events in your dreams, i.e. they travel very fast and them getting images from the future and then putting them in ones mind, is that possible?

No, it’s not, because they don’t know it and cannot know it. God emphasizes that in the Quran in many verses, for instance,

“Say: None in the heavens and earth knows the Beyond but God.” (27:65)