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Don’t be so sure

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

Ever felt content with your worship of God and thought that you have done well for yourself and deserve to go to heaven? Let me tell you three stories.

A man observed Al-Hasan ibn Ali, may God have been pleased with both, supplicating hard and weeping. He approached him and said, “You cry out of fear of God when you have all the means to salvation?” He replied, “Like what?” The man said, “How about your lineage to the Prophet (PBUH)? [Al-Hasan was the Prophet’s grandson]. What about his mediation for Muslims? What about God’s vast mercy?”

Good points, right? Well, Al-Hasan answered him: As for my lineage, God says, “Then when the Horn is blown (on the Day of Judgment), there is no kinship between them!” (23:101) As for the Prophet’s mediation, God says, “Who is that who will mediate with Him except by His permission?” (2:255) As for God’s vast mercy, God says about it, “I will grant it to those who watch out [for Me].” (7:156) So, where is security, brother?

Good counter-points, don’t you think? If a saint whom the Prophet (PBUH) said was going to be a prominent youth among the people of Paradise isn’t sure, how can ordinary folks be sure?

Umar ibn Al-Khattaab, may God have been pleased with him, once said, “If an angel on the Day of Resurrection, announced that all people will go to Paradise but one, I’d worry I’m the one!” This, coming from the second Caliph, a man renowned for his piety, whom the Prophet (PBUH) gave him the good news that he was one of ten who will go to Paradise, if he is not sure, how can the rest of us be?

One time the Prophet (PBUH) surprised his fellows sitting with him listening to his teachings when he said to them, “The work of any of you will not enter him into Paradise!” They asked, “Even you, O Messenger of God?” He replied, “Even me, unless God covers me with mercy from Him and favor.” Narrated by `Aa’isha and Abu-Hurayra and reported by Al-Bukhaari and Muslim in their authentic collections.

The Prophet (PBUH) was teaching that while faith and good deeds are necessary for admission to Paradise, they are not sufficient. It is God’s mercy and favor that gets us there. Faith and good deeds only make it likely.

This is not to dash the hopes of Muslims, but rather to balance their attitude. Imam Al-Ghazaali, may God bless his soul, brilliantly defined faith in Islam as “The balance between fear and hope.”

Joke or blasphemy?

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

My friend from the mosque had jokingly asked a hafiz (Quran memorizer) to intercede on his behalf if he were to require intercession, now he feels that he has committed bid’ah (novelty in religion) or shirk (blasphemy of associating others with God in worship) because only the prophets, the martyrs and scholars can intercede and your good deeds can intercede too. Now he was only joking when he asked and the hafiz joked back and said yea sure if you give me £10 every week you live. Now he is really scared and constantly calling me to see if I have found out if he has committed a sin

Clearly he meant it as a joke, and the haafiz took it to be a joke, so hopefully it will not count as a sin. But it is a bad joke. We are commanded to keep our tongues. A lot of what we say, without thinking, may be written in our book of deeds in the negative column

Tell your friend to ask God for forgiveness and to remember that God forgives all sins of those who ask Him for forgiveness. Also tell him that the shirk that is not forgiven is the shirk that a person keeps until death and does not repent from.

BTW, the Prophet (PBUH) and the martyrs do not intercede but mediate, or put in a good word, with God on the Day of Judgment. There is no intercession in Islam at all. Intercession is a wrong translation of Shafaa`a.

Also, who says that scholars can intercede? They cannot.