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When you escape a dire straight, don’t revisit it!

Monday, June 10th, 2013

I am in, as the cliche aptly states, dire straights. It is dark outside. This naturally intensifies the feeling of isolation. And the example of Hajar is an excellent source of strength. Her situation captures all our fears. Thus, we have to really rely on the inner source. When we use the expression digging deep it sums her dilemma.

Yet, it is during trials like this that we have to dig deep. It does not make one a welcome guest at a party. The need for reflection and contemplation overrides the need for social activity. Sometimes social activity takes too much energy that is better spent to dig deeper.

I am looking for balance. My path at the moment is very steep. I am looking for the moss between a rock and a hard place; to rest for a minute.

Please understand that there is no negativity in what I am writing. I am not a negative person. This is a learning curve.

Yes, the inner journey is difficult. It seems that Satan is very busy with one on that path. And our hearts betray us constantly. The journey is riddled with struggles. It often seems that the other path is so much easier.

One of the reasons why the Prophet (PBUH) experienced dire straights was to teach the rest of us what to do when we are in a similar situation. We follow the Prophet’s example. What did he do?

He had just lost his only remaining physical protector, his uncle Abu-Taalib and the one person in this world whom he loved the most, his wife Khadeeja, may God have been pleased with her. The polytheists of Mecca had cornered the believers in a ghetto for three years: No trading, no contact. Muslims had to eat leaves to survive. Those economic sanctions were probably what killed Khadeeja and Abu-Taalib.

During that tough period, God had not revealed any Quran to the Prophet (PBUH), so even the spiritual joy and reassurance was withheld, to the point that the polytheists of Mecca mocked the Prophet (PBUH) saying, “Muhammad’s Lord has abandoned him!”

Anyone would have given up at that point, consoling himself that he had done all he could but it didn’t work out. Not Muhammad ibn Abdullah! He figured that Mecca may be a lost cause, so let him try At-Taa’if. He traveled to it, on foot, and when he got there he called them to God. No one gave him the time of day. They even let loose their kids and slaves to make fun of him, throw stones at him and force him out of the city. Some of the stones hit him and he started bleeding from his feet.

Can things get worse for someone? As he was leaving that wretched town, he paused and made the most beautiful supplication to God that was ever made! (If you don’t know it, ask me and I’ll include it in my reply). God’s response was immediate and flooding. Quran revelation resumed, with the reassuring Chapter 93, God sent Gabriel down to let the Prophet (PBUH) retaliate against the people of At-Taa’if. As you know, he chose not to. God sent the Jinn to listen to the Quran for the first time, recited by the Prophet (as mentioned in Chapter 72) and when the Prophet (PBUH) arrived in Mecca, he experienced the grandest and most reassuring miracle of all: Israa’ and Mi`raaj.

No matter how dire your straights, how deep your path, or how dark it seems outside, you know, by the example of the Prophet (PBUH), what to do.

I’m glad you reassured me that you’re not a negative person. That said, may I advise you not to disengage socially? The Prophet and his fellows were sociable and active in their communities, each in his own way. Sometimes, your social effort will be appreciated and other times it won’t be. Don’t let that sway you. The reward of God, not of people, is what you’re after.

Wisdom does not come easy. In retrospect it is simple…but that journey is a mini-hajj.

I am looking forward to moving back home. I love the peace there. I have a little community that needs some life. I have made much dua. InshaAllah, I will be able to move there soon. The other day, I took the Quran and asked Allah subhana wa taala to give me a little hope. I randomly opened the Quran. And the ayats were Musa (ra) going to the Madyan people. InshaAllah, my move home is imminent.

I do not wish to complain. I am not unhappy. I am growing ten-fold in faith daily. The reliance on Allah subhana wa taala totally is a reality.

You know Sura 93 is one of my favorites. It is reassuring. I love the words of not being displeased. It is a strong sura.

I am familiar with the dua of the Prophet (swas) at Al-Taa’if. Those are words of courage.

I’m a fan of Muhammad Ali. I bring that up because even in the ring there is a respite. I need a break.

It is also a difficulty process for the ordinary human being to understand that Allah subhana wa taala loves you enough to test you. In the world of sports there is always a period of training for an event. In the world of spirituality the event provides the need for us to seek guidance. The seeking of the guidance is the discipline needed to overcome the obstacles of the individual tests.

I wish to be of those that Allah is well pleased; I have a long way to go but the intention is there.

If I may ask I am assuming you have undergone some trials that have given you the knowledge to provide such words of compassion. I ask this not to pry. Rather, to gain understanding that the seeker of knowledge undergoes ego transformations in the process. The no pain no gain cliche.

When a believer passes a test of faith, it means two things; (a) that God is pleased with him and (b) that his character needed a boost. Thus, passing a trial means it had served its purpose and a believer should not dwell on it. Revisiting it means revisiting the pain, emotional and spiritual, which God has already delivered him from.

Excellent response. I am serious. What I see in the therapeutic milieu here ( our culture) is the very fact that recovery is dependent upon revisiting the pain. In a sense you have to go back and destroy the wall brick by brick, that has impeded your growth. Whereas, in Islam we overcome the wall by guidance.
Islam also demands that we do not purge our emotions. So difficult. Simple example would be anger. Many modalities of treatment for psychological illnesses suggest the patients take the time to examine the emotions and relive them. You always hear the: you have the right to be angry slogan. A persons spiritual health is dictated by an emotional balance. In Islam it seems that we have to get beyond the emotional balance to a spiritual balance that holds the reigns to direct the emotions.

It seems to make sense that wise persons are naturally quiet. A believer’s vision changes after a trial. It seems that we humans really do not have a place for anger.

Fascinating angle. The therapy method you describe may very well work, but I venture to guess that it will leave a spiritual void in the person. One can treat an emotional scar or a spiritual wound in a number of ways, including pharmaceutical, but that may not heal it. The person may find himself or herself resentful, cynical, grieving, regretful, less self-confident, less joyful. Sure the wound is no longer on the surface; it went deeper – into dangerous territory.

Only the connection with God can heal. The Prophet (PBUH) always said this in his ruqyas, “O God, heal. You are the Healer. There is no healing but Yours; a healing that leaves behind no ailment.” (Narrated by `Aa’isha, RA, and reported by Muslim). That is healing!

About anger, God says in the holy Quran, in praise, “And those who suppress frustration and the pardoners of people. And God loves the benevolent.” (3:134). It is their benevolence that earned them God’s love and it is God’s love that gives them the tranquility they seek.

A Satan inside him

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

For the past 3 or 4 years I have suffered a great deal due to the influences of black magic and shayateen jinn (Satan sprite).I have learnt that some people from a non-muslim background have placed a shaytan inside of me using black magic. The shaytan is under their control and they have been using it harm me constantly, mentally and physically, as well as using it to communicate to me. I have concluded that these people have been hired by someone to do this to me, to harm me in my Iman and Deen and mentally, physically and in my family life. Even my wife was affected by this, through possessions and the like.

How do you know, brother, that this is what happened to you? Did you or anybody else see those people grab a Satan and move him inside your body?

That is NOT what happened to you. You are a victim of false belief. Demon possession is a fable perpetuated by beneficiaries, such as self-proclaimed exorcists, and by lack of knowledge. Do not believe a fable. You are a Muslim. God and His Messenger gave you the guidance you need and the way to distinguish truth from falsehood. Demon possession is falsehood that taints your faith. God says in the holy Quran, quoting what Satan will say on the Day of Judgment,

“And Satan said when the matter is done, ‘Verily, God promised you the promise of truth and I promised but failed you. And I had no power over you, except that I called you and you responded to me’..” (14:22)

There is a difference between black magic, which does exist, and demon possession, which does not. Unfortunately, so many Muslims combine the two. I hope you don’t anymore.

This is something difficult to explain to my elders as they would not understand, since you probably would be aware of the different types of people out there you would know how to deal with these people, the black magic and the shaytan.

I beg two things of you for the sake of Allah, show me how to deal with this and please could you recommend to me from here or another country someone renowned in curing black magic and the shayteen problem that I am suffering from, who will be a cause of shifa for me and help me rid of my problem. aswell help me to deal with the people who did this, as they will if I am cured, are likely to do this again and my wife and children are in danger, if they have not already been effected."

You do not need any healers. God gave you the prescription for healing from black magic: Chapters 113 and 114. Recite them often with certainty that God, and only God, can heal you. Reject false beliefs and reject false proclaimers. Your faith depends on it.

My sister is scared of Jinn

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

My younger sister told me that she saw shadows moving outside her window one night. She was convinced they were Jinn (sprites). She is now scared almost all the time that Jinn are going to hurt her. How do I reassure her? Some people offered us their services for expelling Jinn. They are charging £400.

Jinn is an Arabic word that means “the obscured.” Therefore, by definition, they cannot be seen! Your sister did not, and could not, see Jinn even if she wanted to. Start with that.

Then tell her that while Jinn exist and can see us, they cannot do harm to humans except those who seek their contact. God tells us in the holy Quran in Chapter 72, named “Jinn”,

“And that there have been humans seeking refuge with sprites and [ended up] with more suffering.” (72:6)

Finally, tell her that reciting Chapters 112-114 is the prescription the Prophet (PBUH) gave us for seeking God’s protection from evil. You do not need external help, especially from people who will charge you for it. The Prophet’s method (PBUH) is free.

Are some Muslims using demon possession as an excuse?

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

What is this preoccupation with jinns (sprites) that many Muslims have? When in Islam did jinn become synonomous with evil? I think that being possessed by a jinn is an easy excuse not to be accountable for your behavior: “The jinn made me do it.” That is scary territory. Or let me ask you this…of what purpose does it serve the Salafi (strict followers of ancestors) to propagate jinn preoccupation? What is this keeping from us seeking? What knowledge is availabale to us that would have the Salafi not wish many believers to know?

I don’t think that Salafis are defending the myth of demon possession to excuse some sins or to keep some knowledge hidden. Their core belief puts them in the box of Taqleed (blind following): they have to follow what the elders before them said, even if it can be proven wrong. I wish them well, because I know that the intention of most of them is pure.

My father-in-law has been hexed

Friday, February 4th, 2011

My father-in-law lives in Indonesia where they believe and practice this black magic stuff. He is a good God-fearing Muslim, but he takes part in all this magic stuff. He has been told that his wife and son have hexed him. Is this something that should be ignored? I don’t buy into this magic stuff. Sounds kinda silly to me, but in Indonesia they really buy into this goofy stuff.

Remind him that God calls black magic evil in Soorat Al-Falaq (113:4). And that God warns that whoever participates in magic “has no share in the Hereafter!” (2:102). This is not silly nor goofy; it is very serious stuff and should not be taken lightly.

Advise him to recite Al-Mu`awwizhatayn often (Chapters 113 and 114) to protect himself from all evil.

Many Muslims also believe that they can be possessed by Jinn (sprites). Does Islam teach that?

There is no such thing as being possessed by Jinn or by Satan. It’s a fable and a pagan belief, which Muslims should not accept. God says in the holy Quran, “And Satan said, when the affair is settled, ‘God promised you the promise of truth and I promised you then failed you. I had NO power over you except that I called you and you responded to me! So, do not blame me; blame yourselves’.” (14:22)

How can you say that when many reliable scholars have talked about their experience of being possessed? And how they remitted themselves by reciting verses from the Quran.

You should not believe in anything that violates the teachings of the Quran. I gave you the evidence from the Quran that Satan cannot and never did possess any human body. Black magic is a different topic and it is asserted in the Quran. Do not mix the two subjects.

I only point out these matters so that you can align your thoughts with what God said. Abdullah ibn Mas`ood, may God have been pleased with him, once said, “Whoever says he loves God, let him evaluate himself against the Quran, for it is the word of God.”

What do you say about the black magic done to our beloved Prophet (PBUH), for which Sura Naas and Sura Falaq (Chapters 113 and 114) were revealed?

How does that relate to Jinn possession? Black magic can do harm (113:4), if God lets it (2:102), but how did you jump to the conclusion that it leads to Jinn possession?

Jinn possession is real. There are two good books on this.

The Book of God says differently; that’s what we should follow. See this article that discusses the Quranic evidence you cited and shows why it does not mean Jinn possession.

Does Islam acknowledge the evil eye, black magic and demon possession?

Monday, September 6th, 2010

The evil eye and black magic are both mentioned in Chapter 113, therefore they exist. As for Jinn (demon) possession, it’s a common myth that was passed to all religions from pagan times. There is no evidence to it in the Quran or the authentic Hadeeth, therefore we should not believe in it.

Can Jinn possess people?

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

I’ve heard conflicting opinions about Jinn (sprites) possessing human bodies. Can they? How do we exorcise them? I read somewhere that the Prophet (PBUH) captured a Jinn and wanted to show him to people.

By definition, Jinn cannot be seen by humans. The word Jinn means “the obscured.” Therefore, any narration that says that Jinn were seen cannot possibly be authentic. It also violates what Almighty God says in the holy Quran,

“Verily, he (Satan) sees you and so do his kind whereas you do not see them.” (7:27)

Furthermore, Jinn possess no power over man. Almighty God tells us in the holy Quran what Satan will say on the Day of Resurrection,

“And Satan said when the matter is settled, ‘God has promised you the promise of truth and I promised you and failed you. I had no power over you, except that I called you and you responded to me! So, do not blame me; blame yourselves.’ ” (14:22)

Muslims should not believe in superstitions and fables, not after the clear guidance of the Quran came to them. Muslims should also reject narrations and stories that clearly contradict the Quran. Putting the Quran first is the Straight Path. Other paths lead to going astray.

Can demons possess the human body?

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Belief in Jinn (sprites or demons) is a must because God and His messenger told us they exist, can see us, can visit us in our homes, can whisper to us, can touch us, can travel vast distances in almost no time, can use powers to cause us harm and can be used by man to cause others harm and to perform amazing feats. All of that is evidenced by the Quran and the authentic Hadeeth.

But we have no way of knowing that they can possess our bodies, because there is no evidence to that in the Quran or the authentic Hadeeth. Muslims should not believe in things pertaining to religion unless robust evidence can be shown from the Quran or the authentic Hadeeth.

The experiences people have and attribute to Jinn possession could have hundreds of explanations. Limiting them to Jinn possession is therefore unwarranted.

Do jinn have power over human beings?

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Do jinn (sprites) have power over human beings? I read that they can possess human bodies and cause epilepsy. I also know that many people in many countries, including Muslim countries, do exorcism.

This a common fallacy that many people, including many Muslims, believe. Sprites do not have any power over human beings. Epilepsy is caused by multiple medical reasons, never by sprite possession.

Muslims who believe in possession, often quote the verse,

“Those who consume usury will not stand (on the Day of Resurrection) except like the standing of a person whom Satan repeatedly strikes by touching” (2:275)

The verse says nothing of possession, but people have interpreted “touching” as possession and “strikes” as entering the body. Clearly, such interpretations are not born by the text.

They also quote a hadeeth of the prophet, peace be upon him, in which he says, “Verily, Satan runs through the son of Adam as blood runs.” This is obviously a metaphor, since God says in the holy Quran that He is closer to us than our jugular vein. Another metaphor.