Do babies see angels?

Can babies see angels? Is that why they have that irresistible, angelic smile?

No way to know. But I’ll tell a story that my dad, may God bless his soul, told me which he witnessed himself. A good friend of his, let’s call him M died suddenly and he was rather young. M was a model of decency, piety, spirituality and knowledge. After coming back from his funeral, they all went to his widow’s house where the big family and friends were gathered to comfort her. His niece, a four year old girl, suddenly pointed out in front of her and called, “Uncle M!”

Everybody looked where she pointed and there was nobody there. Someone asked her, “What are you pointing at, sweetheart?” She answered, “Uncle M, right there! He is with God and he is calling the Azhaan for the Maghrib (Sunset) prayer!!”

Everybody was stunned and didn’t know what to say.

Six days later, the girl died suddenly and for no apparent reason.

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