Are inter-faith debates worthwhile?

I’ve been discussing Islam with my Christian friend and he Christianity with me. Lately, he seemed to agree that he has been wrong in many of his assumptions about his religion, but he would not say that I’m right about mine.

Not totally unexpected. I myself believe that most debates are a waste of time. That’s because they arouse the ego. Once the ego gets into the room, guidance flies out the window. I suggest that you wish your friend well and assure him that you will always be there for him if he needs you to answer questions about Islam. Leaving him to reflect on your conversations may just be the thing to do. Who knows, maybe God will open his eyes once the spirit of challenge which the ego brings forth cools down.

BTW, are there any credible books written by Christians that prove that Christianity has been changed from the original teachings of Jesus, peace be upon him. This is the subject that interested my friend the most and the one where he agreed he was wrong about. Thanks.

One book I know of and can recommend is “From Jesus to Constantine – How Christianity was changed from the religion of Jesus to a religion about Jesus,” written by Dr. Bart Ehrman, M.Div., Ph.D., Princeton Theological Seminary. He is highly respected Bible scholar and is the head of the religious studies department at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. It is published by The Teaching Company.

Another scholarly work you may consider is, “Misquoting Jesus“, also by Dr. Ehrman.

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