Life in the grave

Some Sufis believe that the Prophet, peace be upon him, and the Awliyaa (Saints) have a real life in their graves. Is there a basis in Islamic teachings to back that up?

No. All dead have a different kind of life in the grave, called the life of Al-Barzakh (the labyrinth), but not the regular life we have here, and the Prophet (PBUH) and the saints are no exception.

I have always understood being as a timeless process caught in time while we are here.

We can not dwell on the past nor the future; all we can manage is the present nano-second.

You sound like Eckhart Tolle whom I listened to a few times and liked what I heard.

While all we have is indeed the present moment, our attitude toward our past greatly affects what we decide to do with the present. We can be bitter or content. We may repeat our mistakes or learn from them. His past frightened Umar ibn Al-Khattab, may God have been pleased with him, his entire life! It caused him to abandon arrogance, obstinacy and hardness which he was known for prior to Islam and caused him the sins he could never forgive himself for. That made him the remarkable Muslim he was, renowned for justice and humility. Nobody would have ever guessed that he would turn out like that!

Dr. Wayne Dyer is fond of saying, “We’re not human beings living a spiritual experience, we’re spiritual beings living a human experience!”

I agree. We’ve had a life before the Trust was offered to the heavens, the earth and the mountains and they declined. We had a life in the backbone of Adam, before we were conceived by our mothers, when we gave testimony to God that He is our Lord. And we had a life in the womb, have a life on earth, will have the life of Barzakh in the grave and finally the real life in heaven, in-sha-Allah (God willing).

What some Sufis get wrong is that the life in the grave for the Prophet (PBUH) and the awliyaa’ (Saints) is the same sort of life on earth. It is not. The Prophet (PBUH) said that the dead person hears the clicks of the shoes of the people who go to his funeral as they leave and s/he hears their prayers for them only they cannot reply. It’s a life but not the same kind of life. It’s a life of waiting without work or talk. On the Day of Judgment, all will feel that life on earth, including the portion of the grave, was but an hour of a day.

I will read up on Tolle. But life teaches us to live in the present.
I am afraid of the grave and do wish to have it expanded.

Dumb question: we give the Prophet our salaams (salutations). Is he in the same reality as the other dead? I had assumed he went home.

He is in the same reality as all who died. The angels convey to him the greetings from Muslims. The dead do hear their visitors, per authentic hadeeths, they just cannot reply.

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