Questions from my Christian brother-in-law

My brother in law is Christian. I am Muslim. We were talking religion and a number of questions were asked. Can you shed light on them? Thanks.

1. Where did Jesus get his blood from? Meaning his DNA? A woman who bears a child needs a certain chromosome to produce a child, and that other chromosome is found In a male.

How did Adam and Eve get their chromosomes? God is able to create without limitation. He is the maker of the laws of genetics and can overrule them at will.

2. Does the Quran teach to hate the Hebrew people or shall I say Israel?”

Neither. The Quran tells us that of the people of Moses are a large community that guide with the truth and with it they judge (7:159). It also tells us that God’s choice of the Hebrews to receive His Message was deliberate (44:32). That privilege was not because of their race or lineage, as they have come to believe, but was because of their potential for executing His commands. To the extent they complied with His Message, He blessed them (32:24). When they rebelled, violated their Covenant, edited the Torah and started killing the prophets and rejected Jesus (PBUH), He cursed them (4:155).

Muslims do not hate the Jews and never did. Muslims and Jews lived peacefully for 1300 years.

3. Adam & the Angels were once called the Son or Sons of Yahweh.

Not in Islam. Everybody is a creature and worshiper of God. God has no sons, literally nor figuratively.

4. Yahweh is Spirit

No. God is above and beyond spirit. He is the creator of spirit. The Quran tells us that “like His simile is nothing” (42:11)

5. The serpent in the garden was Satan (meaning he had to inhabit a body to do his bidding)

Not in Islam. There is no mention of a serpent in the story of Adam and Eve in the Quran.

6. Yahweh sent his Word in the form of Flesh which was and is Yeshua.

Jesus is the word of God, because he was created with one word: Be. He is not a flesh representation of God; he is a creature of God like everybody else.

7. Messiah was to be born in bethlehem: OT Micah 5:2 NT Matthew 2:1-6 & Luke 2:1-20

Messiah was to be born of a virgin: OT Isaiah 7:14….. Matthew 1:18-25 & Luke 1:26-38

Jesus is indeed the Messiah promised to the Jews. Messiah simply means an anointed one. He was so nicknamed because he had very oily hair that looked like it was always dripping. It is a sign for the Jews to recognize him when he came.

8. Messiah was to be a prophet like Moses: OT Deuteronomy 18:15, 18, 19 ….

These verses do not talk about the Messiah; they talk about the final Prophet, whom Jesus foretold. You may remember a scene form the movie “The Passion of Christ” where Jesus tells the disciples about the comforter (Paraclete) who will come after him whose name in Aramaic is HMD? Only one man fits the description: Muhammad, peace be upon him. For more details, refer to a booklet by ISNA called “What the Bible says about Muhammad (PBUH)”.

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