When to end a debate?

I was at a friend’s house and we started a discussion on marriage. He said it’s not right to look at the girl before marriage because it creates fitnah (seduction) in your mind. I said, “No. There is an authentic hadith which tells us it’s recommended to look at her before marriage.”

He fully agrees that there could be a hadith he doesn’t have knowledge of. We debated a little but then I don’t want to keep argument, so I said, “What you are saying might be better, but I don’t know enough agree or disagree with you so I won’t argue with you.”

How far should we go in argument? And if the person is not in agreement, is it Ok to say something like I did to end the argument?

You were right to end the debate, because without evidence on either side of the two of you, a debate is a battle of opinions and that gives rise to the ego. You are to be commended on your Islamic attitude toward your brother and giving him the benefit of the doubt.

As for the question you were asking about, the Prophet, peace be upon him, advised a man seeking marriage to look at the woman he intends to marry and he gave the reason: “It is likely then that a bond will form between you.” Narrated by Al-Mugheera ibn Shu`ba and Anas ibn Maalik and reported by At-Tirmizhi, Ibn Maajah, Ibn Hanbal, Ad-Daarimi and Ibn Hubbaan. Rated authentic by Al-Albaani.

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