Can we touch Satan, or the angels?

Satan whispers to people right? So that means he must come close to our bodies. But what happens if we just randomly extend our hand lets say forward and Satan is standing or whatever in front of you (Scary thought I know); is it possible that we might might touching Satan?.

Same goes for Angels, lets say an Angel is beside you and randomly extend your arm to the side are you actually touching the Angel?

No, we can’t. The reason is that we must have the ability and we don’t. Satan does have the ability to touch our bodies, evidenced by 2:275. Just like the fact that he can see us, but we cannot see him.

Satan is part of us, no? I think there is a hadeeth that says so.

No, he’s not. The hadeeth you refer to tells a metaphor to drive home the point that Satan is ever so close to us, always around trying to tempt us away from God. Metaphors have been used by the Arabs in abundance even in their everyday talk, and any student of Arabic literature and poetry can see that. The Quran used the same literary device often. Taking metaphors literally has unfortunately caused many Muslims to hold weird beliefs, even about God Himself.

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