How about a Muslim commune?

I was reading something about a new Mennonite (similar to Amish) commune in my state. A commune is basically a small community where people share similar interests.

That got me thinking about a Muslim commune! In this case, everyone there would be Muslim and it would be away from a mixed religion city.

There are MANY of these in the United States: Amish communes, Mormons, Hippies (self-sustaining communes) and even one for Buddhists in Oregon.

IF there was a Muslim commune, we could impose “laws” which all people in the community had to abide by. We could have a Shariah law system as close as US federal law allowed.

Alcohol would be illegal, the Masjid (mosque) could play the Adhan (call to prayer) 5 times a day, and given how many Muslims lived there, we could have a private school grades k-12. These things are common in these small communities, usually all one would have to leave for are groceries and other things like that!

How cool would this idea be?

Sorry for discussing the cynical side of it, but unfortunately the cynical side in this case is quite probable.

You may end up with a fundamentalist commune, in which everybody is required to believe in a narrow version of Islam or else are excommunicated. Despite the Quran’s explicit prohibition of it, Muslims have no qualms about calling each other names and they have a large bag of labels to cast on their fellow Muslims who disagree with them. The chance for a successful Muslim commune are slim unless Muslims learn to respect each other’s views and live and let live.

Those Muslims who can coexist with diverse views do not need to live in a commune! They do just fine in a pluralistic society.

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