Lessons to learn from the Queen of Sheba

I just read the detailed story of the Queen of Sheba in the Quran, verses 27:16-44. What an awesome story!

Indeed it is. In addition, many lessons can be learned from it. That’s why God tells us such stories: so that we learn good lessons.

One such lesson is that tells that she was the ruler of her people. Now, if there was anything fundamentally wrong with having a woman be the leader over men, God would have pointed that out here. But He did not! Thus, we know that women can be leaders over men in Islam.

Another lesson to learn from this marvelous true story is that the Queen of Sheba said, “I submit with Solomon” not to him! When you become Muslim, you join Muslims, not follow them. But you will find many Muslims who wish that you follow them. Don’t do that. Follow God and His Messenger only.

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