Does everything have a life?

I believe that everything is alive. If I were to stomp on the floor hard with the intention, on the Day of Judgment it will say that I did it. Am I off base?

No. Obviously the life of other creatures differs from our lives, like the life of plants is different from the life of fish, for instance. God tells us in the holy Quran that the sky and the earth “did not weep” for the people of Pharaoh when they drowned! (44:29)

And God tells us that rocks sometimes fall down “out of fear of God” (2:74)

In Chapter 18, the story of Moses and the sage is told. In that story, the Quran says that there was a wall that “wanted” to collapse! From this, some scholars said the wall has a will. Is this true?

And we also know the hadeeth where a palm tree trunk cried when the Prophet (PBUH) got a new pulpit. So, the tree too has feelings!

The wall wanting to collapse is a metaphor! The Arabs used metaphors liberally and frequently, and so does the Quran and the Hadeeth. The metaphor means that the wall was so unstable, it looked like it wants to fall.

Interpreting metaphors literally has been a cause for misunderstanding and even some strange beliefs.

The tree, being a plant, is alive of course. Modern research has shown that plants have feelings. I’m not surprised.

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