Are they trying to confuse us about our religion?

French Foreign Minister Michele Alliot Marie said it was important not to confuse moderate Muslims with radical or fundamentalist parties.”

What do they mean by this? Are they trying to confuse us about our own religion?

What she’s saying is that generalization is wrong. Radicals and fundamentalists do not represent Muslims, nor are the majority. From her point of view, she can work with “moderate” Muslims, but she cannot work with fundamentalists. In that she’s right, because the fundamentalists, by definition, do not want to discuss; they want a fight.

That said, I doubt her sincerity. She was a champion of banning the niqaab in France and was instrumental in getting the ban approved by the French parliament. I heard her speech to the French Parliament. She confuses freedom of religion with social integration. I don’t think she does that out of ignorance, but out of prejudice.

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