Does Islam have a flag?

In my country of India, I see people using green flags on which a crescent and a star are drawn. Is that the flag of Islam? Is there a significance to the color green in Islam?

I asked a scholar and he said that Islam has no flag and green has no significance in Islam.

I beg to differ. Muslim troops always had one fighter carrying Al-Liwaa’, which is a long stick with a flag tied to its top. Its objective was to identify where Muslim troops are, so that other troops can join them. Another job of Haamil-ul-Liwaa’ (flag carrier) was to rally the troops.

Therefore, there was a flag for Muslims.

As for the color green, it had significance to the Arabs. Because it is the color of plantations and grass, it always was a metaphor for prosperity and blessings. For instance, the Prophet (PBUH) said, “The world is green and pretty, and God has appointed you custodians of it to see how you will do.” Reported by At-Tirmizhi, Ibn Maajah, Ibn Hanbal and Ad-Daarimi and rated authentic by Al-Albaani. The Prophet (PBUH) always disliked ugly names, and had the habit of changing them. One day he passed by a town called `Afira (dusty or arid), he renamed it Khadhira (green), reported by Ibn Hanbal and Abu-Daawood and rated authentic by Al-Albaani.

And we know that green is the color of clothes people wear in Paradise (18:31, 76:21), so clearly the color has Islamic meaning.

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