My father-in-law has been hexed

My father-in-law lives in Indonesia where they believe and practice this black magic stuff. He is a good God-fearing Muslim, but he takes part in all this magic stuff. He has been told that his wife and son have hexed him. Is this something that should be ignored? I don’t buy into this magic stuff. Sounds kinda silly to me, but in Indonesia they really buy into this goofy stuff.

Remind him that God calls black magic evil in Soorat Al-Falaq (113:4). And that God warns that whoever participates in magic “has no share in the Hereafter!” (2:102). This is not silly nor goofy; it is very serious stuff and should not be taken lightly.

Advise him to recite Al-Mu`awwizhatayn often (Chapters 113 and 114) to protect himself from all evil.

Many Muslims also believe that they can be possessed by Jinn (sprites). Does Islam teach that?

There is no such thing as being possessed by Jinn or by Satan. It’s a fable and a pagan belief, which Muslims should not accept. God says in the holy Quran, “And Satan said, when the affair is settled, ‘God promised you the promise of truth and I promised you then failed you. I had NO power over you except that I called you and you responded to me! So, do not blame me; blame yourselves’.” (14:22)

How can you say that when many reliable scholars have talked about their experience of being possessed? And how they remitted themselves by reciting verses from the Quran.

You should not believe in anything that violates the teachings of the Quran. I gave you the evidence from the Quran that Satan cannot and never did possess any human body. Black magic is a different topic and it is asserted in the Quran. Do not mix the two subjects.

I only point out these matters so that you can align your thoughts with what God said. Abdullah ibn Mas`ood, may God have been pleased with him, once said, “Whoever says he loves God, let him evaluate himself against the Quran, for it is the word of God.”

What do you say about the black magic done to our beloved Prophet (PBUH), for which Sura Naas and Sura Falaq (Chapters 113 and 114) were revealed?

How does that relate to Jinn possession? Black magic can do harm (113:4), if God lets it (2:102), but how did you jump to the conclusion that it leads to Jinn possession?

Jinn possession is real. There are two good books on this.

The Book of God says differently; that’s what we should follow. See this article that discusses the Quranic evidence you cited and shows why it does not mean Jinn possession.

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