I accepted Islam, sort of

I accepted Islam but I’m having a hard time. There is an unexplainable struggle within me. It’s like a war, you see. I tell myself on one hand that my faith is sufficient. I tell myself on the other hand that I need more, that more is expected of me, and that I must behave differently, speak, live and act differently.

You are a Muslim by faith but not yet by deed. You do need more. The pillars of Islam are five. Saying the Shahaada (testimony of faith)  is only the first one. Prayers, fasting, Zakah (alms giving) and pilgrimage are the other four and they are mandated by God. (Pilgrimage is only mandatory if you can afford it physically, logistically and financially).

The struggle you suffer from is caused by Satan trying to change your decision to submit to God. Satan will be happy if you do not practice Islam and he will be elated if you never utter the Shahaada. He is your only true enemy and always will be. Show him who’s boss!

The key to Islam is to understand what the word means. It means the willing, loving surrender to the one and only true God, Allah. Put your trust in God and seek His help in conquering the whispers of Satan. Start the rituals of ablution (Wudhoo’), prayer (Salaah) and supplication (Du`aa’) and you will insha-Allah (God willing) start to experience a transformation of your being as your soul, body and mind are finally in harmony!


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