To non-Muslims with love

I’m sending you a link to a book by Sheikh Kaleem Siddiqui, who has been successful in calling Hindus to Islam. Hope you enjoy reading it.

May God bless Sheikh Siddiqui.

Indeed, Muslims have a duty of da`wa (calling people to Islam), first started by the Prophet (PBUH) and followed by the Sahaaba, may God have been pleased with them. But da`wa cannot be done if we ourselves do not understand Islam or do not practice it! We cannot tell people “do as I say, not as I do.”

And da`wa cannot be done when we hold resentment or despise of others in our hearts. Those we try to convey the Message to, while holding those negative emotions, will see through us quickly! Many Muslims today have a holier-than-thou attitude towards non-Muslims. That will be returned by them toward us in the form of arrogant dismissal. Muslim fundamentalism is what gave rise to Christian fundamentalism. Hatred of non-Muslims is what gave rise to Islamophobia.

Many Muslims today think that hating non-Muslims is necessary to protect their faith! You cannot preach out of hatred. Hatred darkens the heart and a darkened heart cannot shed light.

Many Muslims today follow the traditions of their forefathers, without actually studying those traditions themselves to sift them from tenets of the religion. You cannot call others to follow tradition! You can only call them to follow the truth. Tradition is made by people, while the truth is made by God.

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