I converted. Should I change my name?

I reverted in September and, while my first name is ok, I’ve been told different things about my middle name. My middle name means “bitter” in French. Some people told me it was OK, but others tell me that “bitter” makes it a haraam (forbidden) name.

Is it ok or should I change it just to be safe?

Even if your middle name means “bitter”, it is still OK to keep it. There is no prohibition in Islam against names except if the name is blasphemous. Many Muslims, during the life of the Prophet (PBUH) had hard names, and while the Prophet (PBUH) often changed names of people and towns to more cheerful names, he did not change nor order changed all the hard names. So, we cannot conclude that all hard names must be changed.

Examples of unflattering names the Prophet (PBUH) did not change are Hanzhala (colocynth), Al-`Aas (the disobedient one), Al-A`mash (the one who can hardly see), Al-Arqam (a snake), `Ukaasha (a spider) to name a few.

Don’t change your middle name unless you want to.

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