A halal armed robbery?

This is funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. An armed robber testifies that his crime was halal (allowed in Islam) because he needed the money! He needed the money because he was a member of a terrorist group, so he couldn’t get a job! Here is a link to the news article,

This also shows you the twisted mentality of terrorists. First, they assert that what they are trying to do is good, and of course it’s evil, then they assert that the end justifies the means, and of course it doesn’t, and use that to justify everything they do on that basis.

The punishment specified in the Quran for terrorism (ترويع الآمنين), which includes armed robbery, is frightening: Execution, crucifixion, severing a hand and a leg on opposite sides or life in prison. (5:33) Islamic jurists have said that the choice of which punishment applies is left to the judge and is based on the extent of the harm done.

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  1. tariq353 says:

    As far as justification is concerned each and every evil doer justifies his conduct. But that does not change the reality.

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