God guarantees sustenance, so why do people die of hunger?

In Surah Hud (Chapter 11), verse 6, Allah says that He has created provisions for all the creatures. I wonder then why people die of hunger? Why is there starvation?

What is the true meaning of this verse?

Starvation is man made. There is plenty of food for all creatures on earth. Did you know that some governments pay farmers NOT to farm? The reason is that if the harvest is plenty, food prices will go down and that would cut into the profits of agricultural and food companies! When people place profits over feeding humanity, imbalance occurs. God’s design has balance.

Verse 11:6 does not guarantee that everyone will find food, it guarantees that God will provide sustenance for all creatures and He has. In the forest, animals do not wake up in the morning to find their daily regimen of food by their nest. They spend all day looking for it. If man takes it away from them for some industrial or military purpose, the animals will die. That is why we humans are Khaleefas (stewards) in the earth. We promised God that we will take care of the earth and its resources that He provided, but look what we’ve done.

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  1. tariq353 says:

    As salamu alaykm,

    jazak allah for ue explanation…….now i v understood this concept n true meaning.

    Thanks once agn
    wa salam

  2. Aapa says:

    This is a very timely post. The websites and papers are filled with articles of the upcoming food shortage.
    We are encouraged to start urban gardening. In the US there are many crazy laws being enacted to stop the small gardener.
    Once again, as Muslims, we need to encourage our own source of food.

    • noclash says:

      I certainly agree. I read recently a quote by Ibn Taymiya, may God bless his soul, in which he said, “Do not much depend on anybody. Even your shadow abandons you in the dark!”

      God and His Messenger (PBUH) command Muslims to cooperate for good and against injustice, care for each other, ensure that no neighbor goes to bed hungry, visit their sick, use resources moderately, constantly seek progress and discovery, relieve each others debts and grief, and prepare a formidable army that keeps enemies at bay. How much of that have Muslims done recently?

      • tariq353 says:

        Indeed, how true and meaningful hadith of Prophet (saw) is, about licking one’s fingers after a meal and not leaving any food on the plate.

        In my country, there is a tradition among non-Muslims of leaving some food on the plate after eating. If we think over this, millions of tonnes of food are dumped daily into garbage just due to this.

        Allah has created the provision, but we aren’t wisely managing it.

        May Allah give us all Hidayah.


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