How do we struggle “in God”?

I enjoyed reading your posts about Sufism. I’m not Sufi, but I’m curious: You quoted 29:69, which says, “And those who struggle in Us…”. How does one struggle in God?

Thanks. Interestingly, God answers that question immediately after the phrase you quoted! He says, “and God surely is with benefactors.” (29:69)

Benefaction (Ihsaan) is to do beautiful things. The Arabic word has the noun root Husn which means beauty. So, benefaction is more than doing good, it is doing good in a beautiful manner. God calls every good deed Hasana (a beautiful thing).

The Prophet (PBUH) defined the difference between Islam (submission), Eemaan (faith) and Ihsaan (benefaction). He said that Islam is to do the five pillars of it: Shahaada (testimony of faith), prayer, fasting, Zakah (alms giving) and pilgrimage to Mecca if you can. He defined Eeman as belief in the six pillars of it: Belief in God, His angels, His scriptures, His Messengers, the Final Day (the Hereafter), and the Qadar (precision and wisdom of God’s timing and provision). Finally, he defined Ihsaan as follows, “That you worship God as if you see Him! While you do not see Him, He sees you!” That is the realization that causes a Muslim to be a benefactor: God is watching and appraising what we do and the angels are writing down in our eternal record of deeds.

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  1. Aapa says:

    What is often overlooked is the plethora of intellectual thought that the Sufi tradition has given to Islam. As Islam spread its wings, Sufism enabled those of other cultures to become firm believers. The idiomatic parables which were specific to the Arabs to help them comprehend Islam were expanded in a more global language.

    As to the struggle in God. He is our goal. His is the Universe. The Sufis help us to understand the complexity of eternal life. We gain a sense of the eternal. We are able to transcend the temporal. Loftier goals. There is no Reality but Allah. There is more contemplation on what are our sincere intentions. We have to polish our hearts such that our hearts are crystal clear. We have to discard as much desire as is humanly possible.

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