My father wants me to cheat

My dad wants me to get a good education. But he’s doing it the wrong way. He’s making me skip a year without doing all the college work and pushing me to university with a passable grade. I’m so conflicted since I highly disagree with this method. I insisted I attend classes and rightfully earn the marks needed, but he flat out said “No.” I’ve tried to talk with him, but he keeps pushing away my thoughts and says it’s for my future. I’m so depressed because this method is unfair to other students and is against my principles. To me, it feels like cheating. You can’t suggest to attempt talking to my dad or using Quranic sources because I know he knows it’s wrong, and he has a temper. My dad loves me, but this isn’t the way.

I’m applying for every college I can get, hoping they’d accept me and that I needn’t follow my dad’s way, that I’d go through the whole year. But then he says I shouldn’t because he already has a seat for me. I cry and cry and ask Allah for help. I know this is not halal. I’ve asked help from people, but they can’t help. I’m so scared my education won’t be halal. I’m so scared of punishment. And it’s not even my fault.

Your dad found a shortcut afforded by the educational system and he is taking advantage of it so that you’d graduate sooner. That’s NOT cheating. It is not unfair to the other students, because they too can do the same thing, if they want to. If it would ease your soul, tell all your friends about this shortcut, so that they too can peruse it should they decide to.

Taking a shortcut on the highway is not cheating other drivers. It is available to all drivers. They can know about it if they call the highway ministry. Get it?

Your dad indeed loves you and wants the best for you. Obey his wishes.

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  1. light says:

    Brother, thank you so much for the answer. I’m very very grateful.

    I have some other questions about this matter, if I may ask them.

    May Allah Bless you always.

  2. Aapa says:

    Your response makes perfect sense. It’s like using a navigational system because you have a time line and do not wish to waste resources. That is called being astute.
    Likewise, to obey our parents is mandatory.

    • light says:

      Thank you sis Aapa. Yes, I’ve tried the best I can and I guess Allah knows that. I know that I should have no regrets because I did try out all the avenues. I truly have exhausted my resources which is why I feel truly drained. Thank you very much for your praise and help. Alhamdulillah.

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