Is paying Jizya a sign of disgrace?

The Jizya verse, 9:29, says that the people of the Book have to be fought until they pay the Jizya in humility. Is paying Jizya a sign of disgrace?

That is not what the verse says. It says that citizens of a Muslim country, who are Jewish or Christian, must pay a defense tax called Jizya, and if they refuse, the authorities may fight them until they do. That is not a sign of disgrace, it’s a citizenship duty. That is the same law all countries use to collect mandatory taxes from their citizens. In the USA, for example, Federal Marshals are authorized by law to fight, with guns if necessary, any citizen who refuses to pay taxes.

That is simply being fair to the other citizens. Muslim citizens are not only required to join the army at time of war, but they also pay Zakah (mandatory alms). Non-Muslim citizens are exempt from military service and from Zakah. Jizya is what they have to pay in equivalence to Zakah.

The word God uses in 9:29 does not mean disgrace, it means humbled, as in surrendering to the authorities. The law of the land has to be followed by all citizens equally.

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