Who is God? What does He look like?

God is the supreme being through whom everything and everybody is defined. He is not a man. Men are His creation. He does not have children, parents, siblings or any relatives. Family and relations are His creation. He is not an idol, an image, a planet, a star, an animal, a spirit, a concept, an energy, or anything else that you can imagine. All of those are His creations. He precedes and supercedes all. He is not male nor female. Gender is one of His creations. He is not old or young. Age and time are two of His creations. He does not have a body or a soul. Body and soul are two of His creations. He does not have a size nor can He be contained. Dimensions and containers are His creations. He cannot be in one place and not in another. God says in the Quran, 75:4, that He is with us wherever we are. He does not have a divine nature, nor a human nature. Nature is His creation. He is not a person, nor is He impersonal. Both concepts are His creation and He is beyond them. You get the point.

With a definition like that, it’s impossible there can be more than one such God. That’s why the oneness of God is the central theme of Islam and the first pillar of faith.

The Quran summarizes what God looks like in 42:11,
“Like His simile is nothing.”

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