Why can’t Muslim women marry non-Muslim men?

Allah gives men permission to marry chaste Jewish and Christian women. So obviously this might mean that Muslim women can marry chaste Jewish or Christian men.

The permission, in verse 5:5 is gender specific, so generalizing it to the other gender is not possible without another specific permission. Instead of another permission, we have an explicit prohibition, in verse 60:10.

Can Muslim women marry non-Muslim men? And if not why not? Honestly I feel they should be able to because if a man married a Muslim woman, and if he really loved her, he should respect her religion. Please I want to know. Thanks!

That question was answered before in this post. I answered the sister as follows,
“Why does Islam prohibit Muslim women from marrying non-Muslim men? This is based on the influence Islam assumes that the man has in the family. If he is not Muslim, the odds are high that the children won’t be either, and there’s a good chance the wife may leave Islam too, if her husband pressures her to.

The flip-side can also be true! A Muslim man who is highly influenced by his non-Muslim wife, may leave Islam for her sake. That is why many of the Salaf have opined that Muslim men, though allowed to, should not marry non-Muslim women. I personally agree with them.”

Your view is kind of romantic, and would be fine if reality wasn’t so different. While God teaches us what should be, He legislates for what is, not for what should be.

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