The intimacy of supplication

Assalaam walaikum,

OK…I am stuck on dua. Many know it to be a form of worship.

I believe it is more than worship. Yet, I do not know the word to describe this level of intimacy with Allah.

Du`aa’ (supplication) is worship. All rituals of worship can be intimate, if the worshiper performs them as he or she should.

Intimacy is two-way. God is already close to us. He says in the holy Quran,

“And We created man and We know what his self whispers to him, and We are closer to him than his jugular vein.” (50:16).

So the question is how can we get closer to Him? That is what a good Muslim strives to be. It starts with a clean heart filled with faith and certitude about God. Then that faith is put in practice by the rituals and the good deeds. Then that faith is put to the test by enduring hardship and gratitude for bounty.

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  1. Aapa says:


    Talk to us about certitude about God. We need to understand this.

    • noclash says:

      Sheikh Shaarawi, may God bless his soul, explained it beautifully. He said that there are three plateaus of certitude: `Ilm-ul-Yaqeen (knowledge of certitude), `Ayn-ul-Yaqeen (‘Eye’ of certitude) and Haqq-ul-Yaqeen (Truth of certitude). He got that from the Quran,

      “No! If you know the knowledge of certainty,
      You would surely see the Blaze (of Hell).
      Then you will surely see it with the eye of certainty.” (102:5-7)


      “Verily, this is the true certainty,” (56:95)

      Shaarawi explained that only the first plateau is possible in this world, the knowledge of certitude. When one reaches that plateau, one can see, with one’s spiritual eye, if you will, heaven and hell. In the Hereafter, we will all see Hell with our own eyes (the eye of certitude) and then we will experience our destination (may God make it Paradise) for real. That is the truth of certitude.

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