Fire against fire

A man asked a Shaykh (Muslim scholar), “O Shaykh, the hell is made from fire, and Satan is made from fire! So, how will the punishment harm him when they are created from the same thing?”

The Shaykh told him to come closer, then he slapped him across the face! The man was in shock and asked, “That hurts! Why did you slap me!?” To which the Shaykh replied, “What is my hand made from?” The man replied, “Flesh.” He then asked the man, “And what is your face made from?” He answered, “Flesh!” The shaykh conclusively asked him, “Now, did you not feel pain?”

via Islamic Experiences

Clever, eh?

I’d add that the power of God overrules the laws that govern His creatures. He said to the fire in the pit where Abraham was thrown, “O fire! Be cool and safe on Abraham!” (21:69) And Abraham walked out of the pit unscathed.

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