Buddhist killer pardoned by Muslim victim’s family

Relatives of a Muslim Sri Lankan worker murdered by his Buddhist colleague in the country of Abu Dhabi told court they have decided to pardon the killer.

An official from the Sri Lankan embassy in Abu Dhabi handed the pardon document from the victim’s relatives to court on Tuesday, the semi-official Arabic language daily Alittihad newspaper said.

“They just pardoned the Buddhist killer without demanding any diya (punitive damages) taking into consideration that the killer’s family is poor,” it said.

Source: Americans Against Islamophobia

Few people know this, but in Sharee`a (Islamic law), when a killer is convicted in a court of law, it is not up to the judge to issue a sentence! The judge is obliged to give the victim’s family one of three choices of sentence to make: (1) Pardon the killer, (2) Take punitive damages, or (3) Execute. The judge is also obliged to explain to the victim’s family why they may consider a non-terminal sentence.

Ah, if only people would know the true Sharee`a instead of the propaganda Sharia.

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