Wasting opportunities

Today’s Khutba (sermon) was about opportunities that God periodically gives us to get abundant blessings, forgiveness and balance-tipping actions, but alas many of us miss them and some may not even be aware of them.

The Khateeb (preacher) mentioned a hadeeth of the Prophet (PBUH), narrated by Abu-Hurayra and rated between Hasan (sound) and Saheeh (authentic) by various scholars. The hadeeth tells of one time the Prophet (PBUH) was stepping up the three steps that led to his pulpit. As he made each step, he said aloud “Amen!” When he finished the sermon, a man asked him about that. He replied, “Jibreel (Archangel Gabriel) came to me and said, ‘Cast away is he who reached his parents and they did not cause him to go to heaven’. I said amen. Then he said to me, ‘Cast away is he in whose presence your name is mentioned and he did not pray for you!’. I said amen. Then he said to me, ‘Cast away is he who reaches Ramadhaan and is not forgiven’. I said amen.”

Happy, blessed and spiritually fulfilling Ramadhaan to all fellow Muslims. May you and I be able to fast its days, stand up in prayers its nights, be generous with our charities, good deeds and kind talk, be patient, enduring and forgiving, read the Quran a lot and understand what it says, and remember God often and remember His countless blessings and the many opportunities He keeps giving us to be better human beings worthy of His eternal abode of bliss, Janna.

This is a once-a-year opportunity. Let us not waste it on trivia.

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