Serious jobs

Abu-Zharr Al-Ghafaari, may God have been pleased with him, noticed many of his fellows getting leadership jobs assigned to them by the Prophet (PBUH). So, he went to him and asked him if he would give him a similar job. The Prophet (PBUH) smiled kindly at him, patted him on the shoulder and said, “O Abu-Zharr, you are weak and it is a trust, and on the Day of Resurrection it will be a disgrace and a regret for all except those who get it with merit and fulfill its obligations!” Narrated by Abu-Zharr and reported by Muslim in his compilation book of authentic hadeeths

Folks who trip over themselves to get a leadership position do not realize that they are walking into a fire pit unless they know what they are doing and can do it.

Another serious job people clamour to get is the job of a scholar. Such prestige and reverence from people! And authority too! He says it’s OK, and it may not be, and people do it, possibly getting themselves into trouble. He says it’s forbidden, and it may not be, and people abstain from it, possibly deprived. On that, Ibn Al-Mubaarak, a highly regarded second generation scholar said, “A scholar enters between the worshiper and his Lord, so he had better find the exit!!”

The job of a judge has two strikes against it! The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “Judges are three; two are in hell and one is in paradise. The two who are in hell are a judge who knows the truth and rules differently and a judge who rules without knowing the truth. The judge in paradise is the one who knows the truth and rules accordingly.” Narrated by Burayda Al-Aslami and reported by Abu-Daawood who rated it authentic.

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