Answers to quizzes 1-4

Ok, you had a full month to figure out the answers to the first Quran quizzes posted here 🙂

Compare your answers with these:

1. The fire here is the burning bush through which God spoke to Moses (PBUH). This phrase appears in 27:8.

2. This is in verse 22:4, where God mocks Satan by saying that he “guides” to the torment of the hellfire blaze. It is verse 22:4.

3. This sentence is verse 107:5. The following two verses explain that the woe is unto those who are distracted from offering the regular prayers, who show off and when called on to help they don’t.

4. This the first sentence of verse 25:77. The rest of the sentence says, “…had it not been for your supplication.” Thus, we learn that faith is not enough.

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