Can you be a Christian Muslim?

A Catholic man converting to Islam wrote,

I was raised Catholic and I’m converting to Islam. I feel it is vital to say that I am embracing Islam. In doing this, I am making my Christian heritage stronger and so I believe I can call myself a Christian Muslim.

In doing this I will be closer to Allah, I will respect my family and follow my own path in life.

The values of faith, hope and charity, dedicated service to God, love and gratitude for Jesus and Mary, and peace and harmony, the values you probably cherish the most about Catholicism are all very emphasized and stressed in Islam. If these values are what you think of when you think of Christianity then you’ll find yourself at home with Islam.

Where the two religions differ is in key Christian dogma: That sin is inherited; that a savior is needed to forgive sin; that God has a son and is a trinity; that Jesus is divine; and that Jesus was crucified. Islam teaches that sin is not inherited, every newborn is born sinless with the pure original nature. Repentance, good deeds and seeking God’s forgiveness are the way to wipe out sin. God is one, unique, indivisible and uncontainable and there’s none like unto Him. He has no son nor was He begotten. Jesus was human in every way, a very honorable and distinctly noble man. He was miraculously conceived by his chaste, virgin mother Mary. He was a prophet and a messenger of God. He was given the holy scripture of the Gospel and he was the Christ promised to the Jews. Jesus was not crucified and he didn’t even die. God saved his life and dignity and lifted him up to heaven. Jesus will come back to rule the world and establish peace on earth for a while before the world comes to an end.

Just like Jesus said to the Jews that he did not come to abolish the law but to complete it, so did Islam come to confirm God’s message to humanity and correct deviations from it. It has always been the same message “Worship God, you have none worthy of worship but He” (Quran 7:59) which is the first commandment and the first words God spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai “I am Eloah, your God. Worship none but Me.” To associate in the worship of God anything or anybody, be it a man, an image, a statue, a crucifix, a bite of bread, a sip of wine, you name it, is the one and only cardinal sin in Islam.

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