Does Islam support evolution, or creation?


Most people misunderstand, or misrepresent evolution. The evolutionist who totally reject creation are wrong in their unfounded assumption that everything came info being through evolution. The creationist who totally reject evolution are wrong in their blanket assertion that everything came into being through creation, by which they mean bringing something out of nothing.

The fact of the matter, IMHO, is that evolution is simply another one of the natural laws that God created. Some beings have evolved and others were directly created. Whether directly or indirectly a being came into this world, they all were created by God because God is the creator of the laws of evolution and the one who set them in motion!

Evolution does not mean something sprung out of nothing as some opponents of evolution base their opposition. It means that changes occur to an existing being that transform it to another being. We see evidence of that with caterpillars evolving into butterflies in a matter of weeks! But just because we cannot see the guide, we cannot say that these changes occur without guidance. That’s simply absurd because the changes that turn a fertilized egg into a baby are always the same, take place in the same order and take pretty much the same amount of time for millions of babies that are born everyday. Order doesn’t happen without guidance. If the guidance is genetic instructions in each chromosome, who wrote them there?

Creation does not necessarily mean bringing something out of nothing, though it can also mean that. The verb, in both English and Arabic, may be used for bringing something out of something else. One of the creatures that came into being by direct creation is man! In the holy Quran, God asks Satan, “What prevented you to prostrate to what I created with my hands?” (38:75) That sounds a lot like direct creation, doesn’t it? Thus, to say that man evolved from apes is simply not backed by science, which to date has failed to find that “missing link.” Likewise, the many examples in nature that back up evolution cannot be rejected because God is the force behind their evolution. He chose to bring them into being by means of evolution rather than direct creation. He can do both and He can do whatever He wills!

Thus, creation and evolution can co-exist in harmony, LOL.

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