Questions about the Gospel

I am a Christian who is earnestly seeking to learn more about Islam.

I have a couple questions about what the Quran says about the Gospel. They are:

1. Why does the Quran refer to the Gospel or Injil as if it is one book, when at the time of Muhammad there existed the four canonical Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) in the Christian Bible and many more apocryphal texts and so-called Gospels besides?

If there was one Gospel, what happened to it? Is there any historical record of such a thing (besides the Diatessaron?)

Welcome. Please ask all the questions you have in mind.

The Gospel was revealed to Jesus, peace be upon him, on Mount Olives. There is no evidence that he wrote it down. After the departure of Jesus, several disciples wrote down their recollection of what Jesus said and did. That’s not the same thing as the Gospel. That’s why you hear the gospels called, “The Gospel according to John,” etc.

The Church decided which books to include and which to exclude from the New Testament. They excluded books such as the gospels of Barnabas, James, Peter, the children, and many more. The Church instead included letters written by Paul, whom the disciples distrusted and who never met Jesus or ever hear him talk.

2. I am stumbling over there ever existing one Injil and that it was Christ’s mission to give the people of the world a book of God’s teachings.

Why are you stumbling over that? Jesus said that what he said was not of his own but of “the one who sent him“. So, he was the messenger of God. A messenger has a message to deliver, doesn’t he?

BTW, the mission of Jesus was never for the world. He said it was for “the lost sheep of the house of Israel” only. The Quran confirms it in 3:49 among other verses.

3. What does Islam say of the prophecies of the Jewish scriptures and Christ’s fulfillment of them? Do y’all believe that they are fabrications?

Jesus, peace be upon him, did fulfill the prophecies of the Torah. He was the Messiah promised the Jews and the Quran confirms it in 3:45, among other verses.

4. But to get to what you were saying, the Christians, the early ones at least did not believe that Christ came to bring them any book from God, but that he came to show them the way of salvation through his teachings and example. The early Christians relied heavily on the Jewish scriptures, especially in terms of prayer.

That’s not what the Quran says. The disciples clearly believed in and followed the Gospel which Jesus taught. The purpose of the Gospel was to restore the original Torah which the Jewish rabbis and scribes edited to suit their needs. If the Torah had not been altered, there would not have been a need for the Gospel or for Jesus! The disciples and their followers struggled for 300 years to make sure those teachings remain pure. They were fed to lions and thrown into pits of fire but they did not relent. May God reward them handsomely for their sacrifice. Their sacrifice, sadly, was not enough as the Council of Nicaea decided in 325 A.D. to adopt the Pauline version of Christianity. The original teachings of Jesus were lost until God sent Muhammad, peace be upon him, to restore them.

5. It seems to me that every time that Allah of Islam sends a messenger He gives him some book. Am I mistaken? If so, why? Is this the way He chooses to reveal himself?

Allah of Islam is the same God whom Jesus called, in his native Aramaic, Alaha. He is the same God whom Moses, peace be upon him, called in his native Hebrew, Eloah.

The reason God sent down the Gospel is because the Jews tampered with the Torah. The reason God sent down the Quran is because the Christians tampered with the Gospel. God has vowed in the Quran that He will preserve the Quran Himself. He sure did! For the past 1400 years since the Quran was revealed, not one letter, consonant, vowel, diacritic, punctuation or even intonation has changed. How is that for preservation?

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