Was the body of Pharaoh saved?

Next time you are in Cairo, Egypt, go visit the Antiquities museum downtown and see for yourself the sign God is speaking of in 10:92,

“Today, We save you in your body so that you will be, for those who will come after you, a sign” (10:82)

It’s in the mummies wing for all to see and reflect.

The irony is that Pharaoh said about himself “I’m your highest lord” (79:24) and called Moses (PBUH), “Who is this one who is lowly and can hardly talk?” (43:52). Now, see where both ended! Pharaoh was defeated and drowned and no one really knows what his name was. The Jews say it’s Ramses, but Egyptologists say it was Menphetah. As for Moses, he was victorious, lived a long life, had millions of followers and is highly revered by billions of people for thousands of years.

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