Why is Muhammad so special?

God says in 2:253 that He has favored some prophets over others. He has that right! He made Muhammad, peace be upon him, the leader of all the messengers and prophets during the night journey (Israa’) to Jerusalem. God tells us that Muhammad, peace be upon him, will be the witness for or against all nations on the Day of Judgment (4:41). God tells us that He blesses the prophet and that His angels pray for him and so should we (33:56). Such high status is earned and is well placed as God says “God knows better where He places His message.” (6:124)

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is the last and final prophet and Messenger of God, upon whom the last testament and scripture, the Quran, was sent down and preserved by God, a guidance to humanity for how best to connect with and please God till the Day of Judgment.

Did you know that the name Muhammad means “much praised”?

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