Questions from a Christian

I read the Quran over three years ago and I’ve asked these questions about Islam before and did not get an answer. Maybe you can answer them?

  • Why is Mohammed called a Prophet when he has apparently not prophesied anything?

The Quran has plenty of prophesies. Did you actually read it, or did you just skim through it?

  • Why is the Quran such a small book after 23 years of revelation?

Teachings that guide humanity to truth and justice are simple. They do not take up many pages. What takes up pages is the correction of false doctrines that people keep developing, which lead them astray from the straight path.

  • WHY, do Muslims think they need to pray to Mecca when God is everywhere and actually the earliest discovered mosques were directed towards Palestine?

Muslims don’t think that; God told them that they must. Mecca is the direction of prayer commanded to all the Prophets. Jews and Christians who prayed toward Jerusalem did that in violation of God’s orders. God never ordered any people to direct their prayers toward Jerusalem. One of the primary objectives of the Quran is to restore the laws of God which people keep changing.

If a Muslim cannot tell which direction is Mecca, he is allowed to pray in the direction he thinks it is, precisely because God is everywhere. The uniformity of the direction is intended symbolism to unite Muslims toward the One True God.

  • Why do Muslims and many other religious people think the enemy is other people?

Most Muslims don’t think so. The enemy is people who fight us. Everybody else is a brother or sister in humanity, which the Quran instructs us to get to know.

  • What NEW Wisdom (no scientific knowledge is not the same as wisdom so) is in the Quran that was not already in the holy bible?

The New Testament reversed many teachings of the Torah and added blasphemous dogma. The Quran came, in part, to restore the original teachings of the Torah and the Gospel which the Jews and the Christians changed.

  • WHY is the Koran supposed to be only beautiful in Arabic?

Because any translation is a human effort, while the Quran is divine providence.

  • WHY IS Mohammed not in the line from Noah down through Solomon to Jesus not from the same line as any other prophet?

He is from the same line. He is a descendant of Ishmael and Abraham, who trace back to Shem, Noah and Adam.

But what if he wasn’t? What difference does that make? A prophet is not respected because of his lineage, but rather because of his message.

  • WHY, when the Bible is apparently a complete Book about this eternity and this universe and the whole history of life did we even need an extra book?

Because the Bible contains a mix of what God revealed and what people changed, added and deleted. The Quran confirms what was from God and corrects what was from people.

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  1. tariq353 says:

    Nice response.but i really wonder when it is accepted by Christian scholars that bible is altered still christian argue. 1st page of bible is full of gross scientific errors related to creation

    May God give them hidaya.

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