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I am an American Muslim who wishes to explain to everyone that there is no clash between the Islamic and Western civilizations, that there is nothing to fear from Islam and that Islam actually has a lot of good ideas to offer to the West.

It is with great humility that I list the following excerpts from unsolicited testimonials from readers. I’m grateful for their exaggerated kindness. It is effect like this which makes me continue to author this blog. Understanding is liberating.

“I just wanted to celebrate his knowledge of the Quran and Sunna and his love for Islamic poetry. He is one I truly respect.” M.M.

“I really enjoyed reading his posts and sharing his friendship, Subhanallah! May Allah protect and have mercy on my older brother.” J.

“I don’t have enough time to reply … but read all posts to learn from knowledgeable people like him” Kh.

“You know the man is brilliant; and humble; and pious.” M.M.

“If anyone on here had a nitty-gritty question, especially regarding financial matters, zakat, charity, interest, banks, etc. – nobody else ever replied to topics like that. But you could be sure this brother would reply with the proper answer.” T.

“He is one of the greatest assets on the forum. I learn from the wisdom in his posts more than anyone else on the boards. His humble point of view coming from very accurate research.” M.

“We all gained so much knowledge from him, and he helped so many brothers and sisters with his posts.” A.

“He had sound knowledge of scriptures from other religions. And whenever a non-Muslim would ask questions that seemed so hard to answer, he’d just answer in a sentence. ” Ch.

“He was a wealth of knowledge and information. It was refreshing to read his posts and his perspectives on matters. Coupled with daleel (evidence), I would read every word of his posts. May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala bless him and keep his future bright.” Sh.

“I’ve bookmarked a bunch of threads here specifically because of his wonderfully eloquent answers to tough questions as well as all the links that he’s posted with his responses.

Even if you try other forums/sites, you would be hard-pressed to find answers with the kind of clarity and quality that he was able to usually give.” X.

“He was very knowledgeable on Fiqh (jurisprudence) as well as Arabic. His posts were one of the few that I enjoyed reading because he always used his knowledge as opposed to his opinion on matters.” Sh. H.

“He is a well-respected brother and his posts are brilliant. I pray that Allah blesses the dear brother and grant him all good, Ameen.” Sh.

“We know he is a man of impeccable faith. We know that Allah has blessed him with extraordinary intelligence and wisdom. And, a little bit of wit. …Why not put all those thoughts, that reach a wide variety of Muslims in a multicultural world, and give us a book? I would read it and comment on it.” M.M.

“I wish he was here to answer this question!” A.I.

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  1. Mairo says:

    Salaam brother! I am very happy to find you here and I look forward to being able to continue learning from your deep knowledge and understanding of Islam, and benefiting from your valuable commentary. Keep up the good work! Peace & best wishes to you.

  2. mah2688 says:

    Assalamu alykum brother,

    Hope you’re in the best state of your physical & spiritual health.
    Jazak Allah for inviting me to your blog, I’m so happy to find you again.
    I asked many members about your contact info but nobody was having but thnx for remembering me 🙂
    You’ve got the tongue filled with honey 😉

    Insh aa Allah I hope I’ll continue to learn from you 🙂

    -Brother “mahussain3” 🙂

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